Levee Mural & Sculpture Project

Pueblo Levee Mural-Call for Artists

The Pueblo Conservancy District in cooperation with the Pueblo Arts Alliance would like to invite artists to paint on the newly completed Arkansas River levee.

Facts about the concrete levee wall: it is on a slope of 45 degrees, and the average height of the wall is 25-28 ft depending on your location and runs along the Arkansas River.

First read the Pueblo Conservancy Guidelines, Release of Liability, and Artist Checklist.

When you are ready to apply go to the Levee Mural Design Application

If you have any questions about applying feel free to contact the Levee Mural Review Committee at muralreview@googlegroups.com

Pueblo Historic Levee Mural Criteria 2022

  1. All mural submissions must relate to either a historic event, location, or individual. Including historic references from a local source to be identified for accuracy and relevance to Pueblo, Southern Colorado.
  2. Each submission must include a relevant narrative sharing the authentic history of the mural's subject and its importance. Geographic region, cultures, and time period.
  3. Narrative must include historic resources used to research this mural. Example-Museums, archives, historians, etc.
  4. All historic murals are at least 24 ft high x 60-90 ft unless otherwise approved by the Pueblo Conservancy District Board.
  5. All historical mural locations will only be determined by the Pueblo Conservancy District east or downstream from the 4th Street Bridge. We are not taking requests for locations.

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