General Guidelines

These ground rules provide protocals to anyone who wants to place a sculpture on the Pueblo Levee with a reasonable process to safeguard the interests of the community, the Pueblo Conservancy District (PCD) Board and the artists. These ground rules are designed to ensure the sculpture within the PCD will enhance the community's appearance. Final approval of the

artwork will be decided by the board of the Pueblo Conservancy District

An artist will receive $750 upon installation and to place an original piece of sculpture on the Pueblo levee for a time period of one year. Sculptures will be on a rotating schedule. A piece sold during the 1st year lease will be subject to a 25% commission fee paid to the Pueblo Conservancy District. Example. “$10,000 sculpture sales. $2500 commission paid to the Pueblo Conservancy District. Artist to receive $8250 in total ($750 for lease plus $7500). Final payments will be made after removal and clean up on the sculpture site.

If a sculpture is placed on the Pueblo Levee, a plaque will be installed on the pad with the following information: Title of the piece, medium, name of artist or artists, if the piece is sponsored by a business or person and the sale price.

Location Sculptures and artwork will be displayed on the Levee River Trail on pads located between the pedestrian bridge downstream from West 4th Street Bridge and the soon to be installed pedestrian bridge downstream from the Main Street bridge. Current pads available are five (5) with the possibility to add more pads as future trail improvements are added.

Design and Content

The "Sculptures on the Levee project" should reflect an artist’s more playful work that would engage all ages and backgrounds. A wide variety of styles may be approved with an emphasis on bright colors, whimsical designs and non-representative works. The height needs to be a minimum of five (5) feet. The artwork must be able to withstand a wide range of weather, including extreme high and low temperatures, wind variations, rain, and snow.

The artwork must be for outdoor display. The maintenance, repair, and preservation requirements or needs must be detailed in the application.

Requirements for sculpture Design and Application

  • A color scale rendering (no larger than 8 1/2 " by 11") of the proposed design, including a 5-6 sentence narrative
  • The sculpture should be an original design.
  • Lead artist's qualifications and examples of previous work if possible.
  • Proof the planned sculpture can be completed must be shown. Provide examples of previous works and/or references.
  • Artist or artists have 3 months from Approval to install sculpture. Failure to comply with this provision without an extension from the Pueblo Conservancy District shall void all agreements with the artist and the artist must reimburse the Pueblo Conservancy District the $750.00 advanced to the artist
  • Sculpture must get a stamped approval from a license structural engineer
  • Sculpture must fit on a 5’ x 5’ concrete pad w/o overhangs
  • Must be able to be anchor into the concrete pad
  • Must not pose any dangers to the viewer and public

Application must include the following:

___ A color scale rendering (no larger than 8 1/2 " by 11") of proposed design, including any text.

___Sculpture approximate Dimensions Height__________ Width_________weight_______

___Sculpture Material _________________________________

___Sculptures subject/title__________________________________________

___The sculpture must be an original design.

___ Lead artist's qualifications and examples of previous work, if possible.

___ Proof that the planned sculpture will be completed must be shown.

___Industrial and/or weather resistant coatings and paint_____________

___ The artist shall indemnify the PCD for any and all damage to the Levee including damage caused by the sculpture or other materials and parts breaking off and/or into the water.